Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Contact Peter.

How do I get more information about which workshop/show would be best for the pupils?

Contact Peter.

What happens after I book?

When convenient date(s) have been agreed, we will send you a booking form.
Please fill the booking form in and return it to Peter, this will then secure the dates you have asked for. The booking form also gives us all the information we need so you can enjoy the journey and experience of the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company.
On the booking form is a request for Teachers Notes for Little Victorians and the First World War Poets Workshop. We do not give any teachers notes for Shakespeare at the moment. If you request Teachers Notes they will be sent to you at the address on the booking form. Please allow about 7 days for them to arrive as they are posted from Portugal.
Approximately 3 or 4 weeks before your booking, Peter will be in contact with you just to confirm everything.
Comprehensive preparation sheets and floor plans will be sent to you by e-mail. These are to help your college prepare for our visit. They have full details of things we need in order for the workshops/shows to go like clockwork.
When we arrive at your college, sit back and enjoy the show!

My students English is not good enough for them to do the workshop/show?

The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company has over 15 years of experience of working with Dutch students. We have worked with students with every level of English, from practically non-existent to fluent. Our highly trained, professional, native speaking English actors are able to set the level of English within 30 seconds of meeting your pupils.

Some of my students are very shy and would not enjoy it?

Most pupils are a little nervous about doing a workshop/show which is all in English, this is normal. However within a very short time they find they are enjoying it and seem to forget their initial fears. At the end of the workshop/show they come out of it with an incredible sense of achievement, which not only makes them more confident in speaking and listening to English but also more confident in themselves.

What if I have some disruptive pupils?

In all our workshops/shows, pupils have to work in teams and it can be surprising to the teachers how quickly the disruptive pupils are suddenly working as part of a team.

Do I get an educational pack to help prepare the pupils?

After booking we send you a Teachers Notes CD. This has comprehensive teacher’s notes to help you prepare your pupils for Little Victorians and First World War Poets.

What if I book you and you do not show up?

In over 15 years this has only happened once which was because the actors were stuck in a blizzard! However on the booking form we ask for all your contact details just in case something happens and we can then keep you updated.

What if I have to cancel my booking and rearrange a different date?

We understand college schedules can change after a booking has been made. If this happens contact Peter and rearrange another convenient date.

What are the benefits to the pupils?

Most pupils remember the Phileas Fogg workshop/show they were involved in for years! This is mainly because they have had such an incredible time. Most of them are totally unaware that during that time they have learned more about spoken English, English literature, team building, history, sociology, drama and theatre. To us, the greatest benefit for the pupils is confidence.

What are the benefits for my college?

After doing workshops the pupils are normally buzzing with excitement. When they go home they will tell their parents all about their experience. This can have a very positive effect on their opinion of your college.
Shows are performed by your students in front of the parents. At the end of the show the parents are always amazed by how well their children have done. This is a wonderful reflection on how good your college is. Some colleges invite the local media to come and cover the event which gives you college positive and free PR.

How many students can participate in each workshop/show?

Little Victorians Workshop50
First World War Poets35
Drama Workshops40
In Love with Shakespeare36
Teachers Workshop35
School Leaver Workshop40
Little Victorians Evening Show45
Shakespeare by Night36
First World War Evening Show35

How long do the workshops/shows last?

Workshops last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Shows last approximately 1 hour 45 minute – 2 hours.

What do I have to do to prepare for a workshop/show?

We send you a comprehensive preparation sheet and floor plan which lays out plainly how to prepare for our visit

How much are the workshops/shows?

Workshops cost 740 euro each and shows 1050 euros each +6%BTW

Can I pay using CJP?

Yes. All we need is the name and number of the card holder in your college and we do the rest.

I have a question which you have not covered.

Contact Peter.